Mississippi’s Premier Recording Facility
From “The Birthplace Of America’s Music”


Guitar Amps & Instruments Microphones Outboard Gear Recorders & Converters


Over the past 45 years, Malaco Studios has amassed a collection of microphones of all shapes, sizes and sounds. With ribbons, dynamics and condensers, there is something here for every application and taste. Click on the PDF for a full printable listing.

With our long history, Malaco Studios collection of outboard processing has become quite formidable. We have a combination of new, vintage and some truly unique, hard to find pieces.   Universal Audio, AMS, Eventide, GML, API, Sontec, Teletronix. EMT, Manley and Tube-Tech are just some of the names you will find in the racks.

Analog recording is still alive and well here. All flavors of format and track counts can be accommodated. If digital is your preferred format, we have Pro Tools and Nuendo. With DVD, CD and DAT, the list goes on.

Main Phone
1 (601) 982 - 4522

Main Fax
1 (601) 982 - 4528

3023 West Northside Drive
Jackson, MS 39213

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